This Isn’t a Follow Up

When you last met your daring explorer (me, though daring isn’t that fitting) she was caught in a web of confusion (know as the baby shower). Today she had finally been released from the mental ward where … No. Wait. The baby shower was actually a success so there is that.

This post isn’t really a follow up to that, but it was a fun experience and I would highly suggest you give it a go. Of course you need the whole pregnancy thing to make it work, or you can just throw one for the heck of it. But then that would be a little bit strange and people would probably shun you afterwards. You may not want to try that.

Spring is here, and I am a new Aunt. Things couldn’t be better. I won’t share any photos, my family has seen them all on Facebook anyway and sharing them with the internet at large would be more than a little creepy. Not that I think “you” are creepy, but you have to admit that there are plenty of creepy people wondering the net. That is why I choose to keep my Facebook and Twitter accounts private.

Anyway, when I made the baby shower post I felt a little overwhelmed and there was a good reason, but once I threw the last guest out (wait … saw them to the door), well it seemed manageable. And it was.

But there was a lot of build up to it, and if you aren’t one to plan you might actually feel less stressed than I was. I tend to over plan, which makes things run smoothly, but also makes things stressful. Altogether it was a great experience and it was one that I am glad I had the honor to experience (that is more or less a “thank you”).

I realized how neglected my site was in the last couple of months but I will be adding some new post soon.